Assigns ticket to viewing user if ticket and user have same group.

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Zendesk's Guided Mode is a fantastic means of delivering work to agents. But if your agents do a lot of work outside of Zendesk, the tickets they're viewing will be sent to another agent automatically. For companies and teams with sophisticated workflows this can lead to tickets being sent to multiple agents at a time.

This app solves that problem by assigning the ticket directly to the agent on view. No more duplication of effort! Simply set which Ticket Groups should be auto-assigned and the app will do the rest. As soon as an agent in that group(s) views a ticket from that group(s), it will assign to them.

This unobtrusive application will sit in the ticket sidebar and display the result of its "decision" (to assign, or not and why). Please review the installation instructions for a list of available configuration options.

If you like this app, but it is missing a feature critical to your workflow: Let us know!

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