An easy way to add and remove agents from bulk or individual support groups

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Supervisor is a powerful app for Zendesk that streamlines the process of managing support groups. With Supervisor, administrators can easily add or remove multiple agents from various support groups, making it easy to organize and assign agents to different groups.

One of the key benefits of Supervisor is its ability to help administrators quickly and easily reassign agents from one group to another. This feature is especially useful when dealing with a large volume of customer inquiries, as it allows administrators to quickly move agents to the areas where they are most needed, ensuring that inquiries are handled promptly and efficiently.


  • Add or remove agents from support groups

  • Reassign agents from one group to another

  • Change agents default groups

  • List with administrators, agents and light agents allowing you to easily consult their respective groups


  • Streamline support team management

  • Improve efficiency and effectiveness of customer support

  • Quick and easy reassignment of agents to areas of need

  • Supervisor is a valuable tool for any Zendesk user looking to improve their support team management. Try it now to see the benefits for yourself!

Coming Soon

  • Delegate to other roles (eg team leader, supervisor, coordinator or whatever) to the add and remove of agents in the support groups for which the role is responsible

  • Bulk import or export (agents, groups and membership)

Terms of use and other information are available on the app page:

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