'Slayhub' - helps Customer support teams connect to Dev teams.

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SlayHub is a tool designed to improve communication and collaboration between customer support and product teams by integrating with popular customer support and project management platforms like Zendesk to GitHub, and Azure DevOps. The aim is to make it easier for these teams to share ideas, requests, and queries from customers, and to streamline the process of building products that your customers love. The tool is easy to use and simple to set up, which should make it accessible for teams of all sizes and levels of technical expertise.

Overall, SlayHub could be an important tool for improving the efficiency and effectiveness of customer support and product development teams.

Why SlayHub?

  1. Improved efficiency: By integrating customer support and product development platforms, SlayHub can help teams avoid the time and effort of manually transferring information between different systems. This can reduce the risk of errors, and make it easier for teams to stay organized and focused on their work.

  2. Better communication: With SlayHub, customer support and product development teams can more easily share information and ideas, which can improve communication and collaboration. This can lead to faster problem resolution for customers, and help teams build better products more efficiently.

  3. Customization options: Depending on the specific needs of your organization, SlayHub offers various customization options to help you tailor the tool to your specific workflow. For example, you can set up permissions for access by your agents, repositories that they can could connect and use.

  4. Cost Effective: Starts at $10 a month, the most cost effective solution to bridge support and dev team.


  1. Use the tool to generate tickets or work items in Azure DevOps or GitHub directly from Zendesk

  2. Allows you to include multiple references for each ticket or work item

  3. Designed to support an unlimited number of agents or developer teams

  4. Allows you to search for and link to existing work items in your project

  5. Customize your items with hashtags using

  6. Easily include attachments with the items you create

  7. Count on continuous support and upgrades

  8. All updates, comments, and items are synced in real-time

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