Screen Recording & Live Video Calls by Screendesk

Screen recordings & live screen sharing for faster ticket resolution.

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Screendesk is the all-in-one video solution trusted by customer facing teams at startups and enterprises worldwide.


  • Request screen recordings from your customers: instead of making users explain an issue via text or live call, give them the option to record their screens.

  • Send how-to videos to your customers: make it easy for customers to understand a product or concept using video to share information and demonstrate next steps.

  • Collect browser metadata & Console logs: recordings also come with console logs and additional metadata such as operating system, hardware, and browser details.

  • Automatically receive the recorded videos: recorded videos will be added as new reply in your tickets.

  • No download or installs: works on any desktop browser. Your customers simply click on the link and start recording.

  • Search and reply with existing videos in your helpdesk.

  • AI Video summaries: transcribe and summarize screen recordings with AI to help your team triage issues faster.


  • Real-time screen sharing with with your customers: support agents can use screen sharing on video calls to walk customers through solutions.

  • Record your video calls: train new support agents by sharing recordings of your video calls.

  • No downloads required: Jump on a video call with your customers without requiring them or your agents to download anything.


  • Collect screen recordings directly from your submit request page.

  • Embed videos in your help center: Say goodbye to long, boring help articles. Embed videos in your help center to make it easier for customers to help themselves.

  • Call-to-action buttons: Add links to help articles and other resources from within your video.

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