Shopify Premium for Zendesk

REAL Commerce support - View/modify order, shipping, payment data (+more) across stores.

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Shopify Premium for Zendesk Support

Shopify Premium for Zendesk is THE leading Shopify integration app for Zendesk. The only true enterprise integration for Shopify - rated one of the Top Zendesk Apps!

No more shuffling between apps. agnoStack™ now makes it possible to Search, Modify and Create Orders and Access Real-time Commerce, Shipping and Payment Data directly inside Zendesk. NOW includes AI for Commerce making AI so simple it feels like magic!

Now offering CartCollab(SM), an entirely new way for agents to share carts and collaborate with customers.

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For step-by-step instructions on how to configure the application, please see our Onboarding FAQs.


Shopify Premium for Zendesk is THE app retailers have been waiting for, loaded with industry-leading tools to turn your customer service team into SuperAgents.

Customer order history*

Allow agents to instantly view historical customer orders as soon as they open a ticket. Never keep your customers waiting again.

Order basics/details*

Get basic order details as well as line items, real-time shipping updates, and payment transactions. No more bouncing between apps to find what you need.

Order search/filter/sort/lookup*

Your agents can perform lightning fast, real-time searching, sorting and filtering to rapidly locate exactly what your Customer needs support with.

Pin ticket order*

Agents can pin an Order to a Ticket to ensure details are immediately available when it is moved between agents or is re-opened.

Refunds Processing*

Allow agents to process full, item-level and partial refunds (depending on platform).

Advanced Macros*

Quickly build re-usable replies containing real-time data from your commerce, shipping and payment platforms.

Customer Insights*

Surface additional data from third-party marketing automation platforms directly inside of our Order and Customer Detail screens.

Order Capture/Rapid Re-Order*

Perform a rapid re-order or a new order on-behalf of your customer, leveraging your full product catalog and a our simple CartCollab(SM) checkout flow.

Multiple Provider Configurations*

Connect multiple platforms and/or storefronts into a single, unified view of your customer's orders.

\ * Denotes Paid Features. Detailed pricing and tiers can be found at

Customers always first, including ours

If something is broken, you're missing a feature or think something could be improved, contact us any time at We're here for you.

Always Optimizing

We've got a laundry list of features on our roadmap and look forward to continuing to improve your support experience as we grow!

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Platform agnostic to grow with you from day 1 to day 100

"agnoStack™ Omni-Channel Commerce" is also available for: BigCommerce, commercetools, Magento 2/Adobe Commerce Cloud, Magento 1, Elastic Path, and WooCommerce at: agnoStack Omni-Channel Commerce!

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Free 14-day trial, then $24.00 per agent, per month

Our Premium package includes Real-time Shipping & Transaction Status, Order Search, Advanced Timeline, Order Refunds, Advanced Macros, Customer Insights and Multi-Brand support - and more!


Free 14-day trial, then $34.00 per agent, per month

Our Enterprise package includes all Premium functionality plus Quick Re-Order, Order Capture/CartCollab, Order Modification, Order/Item and Partial Custom Refunds, Catalog/Product Search, Advanced Reminders - and much more!

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