Convin is an AI-backed Full-Stack Conversations QA platform for contact centers

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Convin is an AI-backed contact center software that uses conversation intelligence to record, transcribe, and analyze customer conversations. Convin supports omnichannel contact centers and performs quality audits across calls, chats, and emails. It is your one-stop solution to 3X your contact center performance by improving agent performance holistically, boosting customer experience, and increasing your contact center ROI.Convin saves your time by pushing all your customer conversations directly to HubSpot to give you an unparalleled view of how your agents interact with customers on calls. Language Support: The system can analyze calls in English, Hindi, Spanish & 70 other languages. Integrations: Convin integrates with your cloud telephony system/ dialer system/ video conferencing platforms to fetch/record all conversations & then analyze them.


  1. Quality Management System: It is your one-stop solution to call listening, randomizer (for sampling), call auditing, and custom reporting. 2.Automated QA: Eliminate random sampling, human bias, and inaccurate scoring with Auto QA. Monitor every conversation, including calls, chats, and emails, to understand agent performance and assign coaching.
  2. Learning Management System: Create customized assessments for agents, enrich the knowledge base with the required information, and track agent participation in coaching sessions.
  3. Automated Coaching: Have a grip over call center training sessions that are auto-assigned by AI based on best-performing agent conversations.
  4. Conversation Behavior Analysis: Track and analyze winning and losing trends behind agent-customer interactions and leverage call behavior, action, and phrases to drive more business-winning deals.
  5. Customer Intelligence: Unleash the hidden insights within customer calls using customer intelligence. Find keywords and phrases that led to won and lost deals. Listen to customer conversations to discover competitors, objectives, product features, competition, and sentiments.
  6. Conversation Intelligence: Surface valuable insights to drive more strategic decisions and business outputs. Reduce repetitive and redundant tasks like note-taking, data entry, etc.

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