Enhanced Organization Attributes

App that allows for quickly surfacing critical information about a company.

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The Enhanced Organization Attributes app allows you to store and show organization attributes directly within the ticket app sidebar location. It allows you to surface information from the organization quickly without having to chnage context by displaying attributes as buttons as well as giving the ability to display HTML friendly notes which can contain images, links, and html markup. Buttons allow for a prefix to denote what attribute is displayed and special organization field types allow for navingating to other organizations, tickets, or users by clicking on the button.

The app also allows an admin to force the display of the app sidebar so you can control if you want the agents to be allowed to hide valuable information!

For the notes, you can use either the out of the box note field to store data, or the app installed html_notes field if you want to house the information separately.

Note that some areas require a reload of the app in order for property changes to take effect. When changing attributes of the organization for example, once the app reloads or you navigate to another organization and back you should see the updates. When changing which attributes are displayed as an admin users must refresh their app to see the new changes. This can be done easily by changing the app visibility in the settings and re-enabling it.

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