Custom Objects Reporting

See how many records you created in Zendesk for your custom objects.

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Meaningful reports are what drives good decisions in business. It’s frustrating to look at the objects you created, but not to have any idea how many of your users own those objects. This app brings reports to your Zendesk Sunshine Custom Objects feature. We know Zendesk does not offer this out of the box, so we thought you can benefit from having an overview of what’s going on in your system. You can now see how many records each of your objects has, and you can download those records in a CSV. You can take this data and filter it however you want: by serial number, by model, by type etc

We do know the functionality for this is limited, but we are happy to take it further upon request. However, this version is free and hopefully it helps your business have better overview of what’s going on. We can even push this data into your favorite reporting tool so you can play around with it there and create meaningful insights for your business.


  • View custom objects created
  • See records each objects has in the system
  • Download CSV and filter away


  • 360 view of your Customers
  • Save company money
  • Save admin time
  • Save development time
  • Import data into your favourite reporting tool of choice
  • Take your business to the next level

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