All order and return tracking information in real-time in one view

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The parcelLab Zendesk app helps brands increase customer service productivity by empowering agents to answer order delivery questions faster.

parcelLab enables brands to own their end-to-end customer experience during all operational processes. We bring data and systems together so customers can receive relevant, reliable, personalized and branded communications that turn everyday operational matters like delivery, repair, warranty and returns into moments of joy.

With our Zendesk app there’s no need to switch between Zendesk and parcelLab! All relevant tracking information is available in real-time for every single order in one view, alongside the customer ticket. Shipping disruptions are highlighted so customer service agents can quickly see what went wrong and when it happened, improving the customer experience while reducing call handle times and repeat call-backs.

This app is free to download but requires an existing parcelLab account with tracking data enabled prior to installation. Contact us online or reach out to your parcelLab Account Manager for more information and pricing.

Answer WISMO questions faster, and more accurately

Say goodbye to manually searching for tracking updates. Our parcelLab app automatically displays the most up to date information, including:

  • Customer name, recipient address, and carrier

  • Order and tracking numbers with the latest delivery status

  • Multiple shipments sorted with the most critical deliveries and disruptions first

  • Product details + see what’s in each box for multi-package shipments

  • Detailed view of earlier shipping activity and estimated delivery date

  • Easy access to additional carrier data like delivery location

  • All customer communication (email, SMS etc.)

  • Search by order or customer email to see full buying history

Key benefits

  • Reducing workload: access all necessary tracking and delivery information in one view within the parcelLab Zendesk app.

  • Resolve inquiries faster: no switching between platforms to try and find the right answers for customer questions.

  • Better customer experience: give accurate answers faster, have better conversations with your customers to build trust and loyalty.

Why other brands choose parcelLab

parcelLab is the leading Operations Experience Management platform globally. We bring people and brands closer together by closing the experience gap post-sales and beyond. We enable 550+ brands, online retailers and B2B distributors to regain control over their end-to-end customer journey. Rather than relying on third parties like DHL, FedEx and DPD to manage customer communication, brands can control all touch points within their own ecosystem.

For pricing and more information contact us online.

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