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Get daily, automated backups of your Zendesk account.

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Back up your Zendesk account before you lose your data.

Businesses rely increasingly on cloud applications such as Zendesk to manage their work making them a primary risk.

Pro Backup protects your business by backing up your Zendesk tickets and offering advanced restore capabilities.


  • Protect your data: Against deletion by human mistakes or disgruntled employees.
  • Ensure business continuity: By having access to your data during service outages & worst-case scenarios.
  • Be in control of your data: Access & export account-level data such as project templates & workflows.


  • Easy to use: Set up a connection with your app and we take care of everything else. Having your backups up & running only takes 1 minute.
  • Snapshots: Look up previous versions of your data and create copies back to your account.
  • Restore: If a ticket, reply or internal note was deleted by accident, or you want to back to a previous version, you can do that with a few simple clicks.
  • Safe: We store your data in encrypted files. We store everything in the EU and we’re compliant with all GDPR laws.
  • Accessible: We can sync your backups to a Google drive folder where you can access your data in easy readable Google Sheets. If Zendesk would be offline, you can still see your data.


Pro Backup currently backs up the following cloud applications:

Airtable, Asana, Basecamp, ClickUp, Confluence, DocuSign, Freshdesk, HubSpot, Jira, Jotform, Miro, Notion, Slack, Smartsheet, Todoist, Typeform, Trello, Zendesk Support, Zoho CRM

Use cases

A) Restore business-critical data that’s been permanently deleted from your account.

With cloud apps, if you delete a task or a record it is usually removed from your trash bin after 30 days. In some cases it is even immediately deleted from your account with no option to restore it.

Pro Backup gives you the power to restore tasks and boards that were permanently deleted from your account. This way your business is protected against accidental deletion, disgruntled employees and cyber attacks.

B) Rollback data that has been corrupted

Data can easily be corrupted by bulk edits, CSV imports or integrations with 3rd party apps.

Pro Backup gives you the power to double check the previous versions of a certain task or board and re-create the correct data set with the Rollback functionality.

C) Your cloud app is temporarily offline

We believe that most cloud apps are doing a very good job, keeping your data accessible. But we believe even more in a redundant, independent backup. If you have critical data stored in a cloud app it may damage your business badly if this app is for some reason not accessible. For these cases you could access your data both via our User Interface and accessing it through Google Drive.

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