is a better way to collect customer feedback

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Frill for Zendesk

A better way to collect customer feedback. Now with a native Zendesk Integration!

Capture, organize, and announce product feedback in one place.

Available in 2 flavours: A standalone platform or embeddable widget.

As a customer support rep you can now search through feedback and add ideas on behalf of the person you are talking to…. No need to leave Zenddesk.

Capture Ideas and votes

Customer feedback is the lifeblood of your product. Capture ideas from your customers and let the most voted and commented on ideas surface to the top.

Prioritize and plan ahead with a stunning Roadmap

Integrate the best ideas from customers into your roadmap. Show your customers how their ideas fit into the big picture.

Announce new features

Keep your customers informed as you ship new features. Announcements is our version of Changelog.

And we think you’ll love it.

SSO Authentication

Integrate directly with your platform for a seamless user experience

Full Translations

Every word is translatable into your own language


Update Frill with your own brand colours.

Inline Admin

Manage your entire board from within the same view

Unlimited widgets

Create as many widget as you like on all plans.

Automatic status updates

Keep customers updated with automated emails.

5 Stars!

“We recently moved from User Voice to Frill after evaluating 16 other options. Right from the start, Frill has been helpful and responsive and I highly recommend checking them out. I couldn’t ask for better service.“

Annika Hubert. Product Ops, Agrimaster

5 Stars!

“I’ve tried all the competitor products before and Frill has by far the best UIUX. The team seem to be smashing out new features every week at an impressive speed.“/

Nizamudheen Valliyattu. Founder, Acadle

5 Stars!

“Frill is thoughtfully designed and simple to use while offering a complex and powerful level of customizability. It integrates seamlessly into our web app and has become a crucial part of the feedback loop with our customers.“

Sam Hulick. Co-Founder, ReelCrafter

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