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Localization can go a long way in convincing customers you value their business, leading to be er customer relationships, and increases in customer acquisition. Smartling extends Zendesk’s platform for seamless management of support content translation. Our technology bridges content creation and the translation process, so support assets can be localized as quickly as they are created. Zendesk and Smartling combine to provide users with a powerful solution that automates the translation process with full visibility and control across the organization.

Why Smartling’s Solution for Zendesk? Easily configured without developer support, Smartling’s Translation Connector enables companies to quickly and cost effectively localize their support content for a global customer base.

  • Translate and publish new content as soon as it is ready.
  • Eliminate copy/pasting with automated import and export of content.
  • Customize translation methods based on content type and value.
  • Easily access a global network of professional translators.

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Smartling Supports the Translation of:

  • Articles
  • Sections
  • Categories
  • Dynamic Content

Smartling helps ambitious brands access more markets, deliver better experiences, and build stronger relationships by transforming the way their content is created and consumed around the world. To find out how our unique approach has helped brands like British Airways, Spotify, and WeWork tell a global story, visit

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