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Create Interactive Decision Trees for Standardizing Processes & Troubleshooting

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The Agent Scripting App by Zingtree is extremely handy for companies that offer live support, as it allows your agents to have interactive, standardized scripts to follow. You can create your own custom scripts using the tools at, and the Agent Scripting App makes them appear in Zendesk. Plus, you get handy reports on how your tree is being used.

You can also pass data to and from Zendesk and your script.


How it Works

The Agent Scripting App appears in the Zendesk ticket sidebar, like this:

Or as a smaller one-click button, which opens a larger pop-over:

Your agents read the prompts, and follow the script. If another agent picks up the ticket, they return to the last viewed node, and can see each step taken previously by opening the History:

You also get some awesome reporting. One example:

More Agent Scripting App Benefits:

Pause and Resume: If a ticket is reopened, the script will reappear in the same state as it was previously, with the history intact.

Agent Feedback: Clicking the orange chat bubble lets your agents submit comments, which are automatically sent to the authors of the tree. Your agents become a valuable part of improving your scripts.

Automatically Choose a Script based upon Brand, tags or a custom field: When a ticket is opened, the Zingtree Agent Scripting app locates a script associated with the content of a ticket.

Zendesk Tagging: Add a tag to any node using the Zingtree Edit Node tool. When that node is opened in Zendesk, the tag gets copied to the Zendesk tags for the current ticket.

Insert Custom Fields: Any custom fields in your Zendesk ticket can be merged into your script.

Automatic Ticket Updating: Tags and custom fields in the ticket can be updated from actions in the script - either via buttons clicked in the script, or from data entry collected.

Customizable: Use a custom CSS file to override the default look and feel of your trees within Zendesk.

Valuable Reporting: Watch the step-by-step history of each agent interaction. See which Agents or which Nodes are taking the most time.

Automatic Agent Detection: The Zingtree Agent Scripting App automatically determines which agent started each session, so there's no provisioning required or customization needed for getting good agent-centric reporting. You can even insert the agent name into the script.

Try the Agent Scripting App free today!

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