Droz Messaging

Send campaigns through WhatsApp, Twilio and MessageBird within a single platform

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This app will require an active Sunshine Conversations license. If you would like to learn more about purchasing a Sunshine Conversations license, please speak to your Zendesk representative who will be happy to help.

Droz Messaging is an app that allows proactive messages and campaigns through WhatsApp and SMS. The SMS messages through Twilio and MessageBird, as well as Whatsapp, works with the Zendesk Sunshine Conversations integration. With this app, you can perform both bulk messaging through the navbar menu, and individual messaging through the sidebar menu.

Main features:

  • WhatsApp, Twilio and MessageBird integrations available
  • Multi-languages (Portuguese-BR, English and Spanish)
  • Campaigns schedule
  • CSV variables
  • Pre-chat variables
  • Logs of campaigns already sent with payload available for download
  • Multiple reports available for download in .csv

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