GDPR Tickets and Users Auto-Deletion

Automatically deletes tickets & users that were last updated more than X months.

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Are you also struggling to automatically implement the GDPR policy to your Zendesk? To comply with GDPR, companies are required to remove user data that is no longer needed. Manually deleting them would take multiple weeks for almost every company - and that every month! The GDPR Tickets and Users Auto-Deletion app will help you do this automatically for Zendesk.

How It Works

Using the GDPR Tickets and Users Auto-Deletion app is super easy - here's how it works:
+ In the settings input after how many months you want the tickets to be deleted automatically, e.g. 24 months when the warranty period is over.
+ By default tickets will be soft-deleted after the specified period (calculated from the date of the last ticket update) and you can restore them within 30 days.
+ Optionally, there is a setting, that will delete the tickets immediately (hard delete).
+ Optionally, you can automatically delete users (older than X months) that do not have any tickets anymore.
+ Here you go! A piece of cake, isn't it?


  • Automatically deletes tickets that were last updated more than X months (the period you set)
  • Runs in the background automatically and reliably - no agent interaction necessary
  • Saves you multiple weeks of work to delete all the existing old tickets that are no longer needed
  • Saves you hours every month by deleting old tickets automatically, to ensure you stay GPDR compliant
  • Soft-deletes tickets after your specified period, so you can still restore them within 30 days
  • Optionally deletes tickets immediately after the specified period
  • Optionally automatically deletes users (older than X months) that do not have any tickets anymore
  • Installation & setup within 1 minute

We have developed the GDPR Zendesk app for our own customer support. We had over 50'00 old tickets that were subject to be deleted. For the first few thousand, we tried to delete them manually, but it took hours and hours. Moreover, knowing that we have to constantly do that every month already caused us a headache. So we decided to create an automated plugin for the GDPR process in Zendesk.
If you need an adjustment or a new feature, just send us an email to

This app is also available for Zendesk Chat

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