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Process With Zowie

Accelerate your time to value by learning exactly how much of your customer service volume can be automated by Zowie. Get started faster, start automating sooner, know what you’re getting immediately.

Install Zowie as an add-on to your Zendesk Support and within 24 hours you can learn exactly how much of your customer service can be automated during a 1:1 call with our experts.

Let Zowie analyze your historical data and learn exactly how much of your customer service traffic Zowie can automate starting now.

Turn an analysis of your historical data into a roadmap for your new customer service automation with Zowie.

Why Zowie?

Customer Support is a crucial touch point for your business. Make it easy for customers to quickly get the answers they need with Zowie.

Zowie delivers powerful automation tools that allow you to streamline incoming traffic to your customer service reps. Simple, repetitive questions get answered quickly, allowing your staff to devote more time and attention to the issues that need it.

More tickets resolved more quickly with the same number of CS staff? Yes, with ZOWIE!

Here’s what you’ll get with Zowie

Immediate value

Zowie automates 32% of inquiries in 24 hours and 60%+ in a few weeks. Up your customer service game and become more efficient now, not in six months.

No coding needed

Leave the coding to the coders. A simple installation process is all you need and Zowie is up and running!

Works with your existing techstack, super-low maintenance

No IT involvement needed. Managing automations takes a few clicks and 30 minutes a month, not a huge team working for hundreds of hours. Zowie also seamlessly integrates with Zendesk Support.

No dedicated staff needed

If you need a special team to support a certain tool, you have the wrong tool. Zowie is easy to use and user onboarding is simple.

AI-based, no keywords

Our automation tools learn to address customers issues based on AI-powered learning, not keywords. This means more natural and accurate answers to customer questions.

Scaling and growth

Zowie easily adapts to 56 languages and jumps across channels in one click. As your business grows, Zowie grows with you to handle increased traffic.

The best companies in the world are powered by Zowie AI

InPost automates with Zowie

ALAB automates with Zowie

Aviva automates with Zowie

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