Observe and interact with your users live on your site.

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Companies use Cohere to instantly engage with customers on their digital properties by visually guiding them on their screen, even over audio or text channels like phone or chat. If customers need help with support or sales, agents can jump in and visually guide them by either drawing or taking control of their screen.

Cohere's app for Zendesk allows you to see all of your ticket/chat requesters' active sessions on your website in the sidebar of your Zendesk dashboard. All you need to do to see their screen and visually guide them is click into a session in the sidebar — no downloads or switching tabs required!


  • See a list of your user's open pages directly in the Zendesk Support or Chat sidebar
  • View a livestream of what they're doing with just one click
  • Guide them by either drawing or taking control of their webpage, once they've given you permission.

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