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Make your sales database ready available to your agents

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Make your external sales data base available to your agents on the right of your Zendesk Support Interface. 84% of CS professionals say a 'unified view' of customer information is key to providing a great customer experience. The more information we have about our user base, the better we are able to support them.

Track orders

See what orders the client has with you along with their complete history. See status of orders, order details, payment details, complete with an order management tool and a way to sync the data directly in Zendesk for reporting purposes. Browse and search features included.

Order management

A means for agents to extend management capabilities of client orders. With this modal, agents can:

  • Track an order directly and see where it ended up

  • Create a return label should the client want to return their order

  • Ask for a refund

The above actions are all connected to external services. Those actions don’t have any effect in Zendesk. The reason they’re there is to keep as much much functionality onto one platform and not have your team navigate between different systems as this is bound to create human error.

Add to Zendesk

Sync the data brought into Zendesk via the API with internal fields (user fields, organisational fields and ticket fields). This will help you create better reports and have your data live into one system.

Recently viewed articles

These are the articles that the user has last viewed. Imagine how much context an agent has when answering an inquiry if they even know what the user did in the Knowledge Base in Guide. The agent can pass relevant articles that the client has not had the patience to either find on their own or were not that visible. Not to mention how you can even set some articles to promoted based on what users browse and find answers to. The user has to be logged into the Guide for to be able to retrieve this data.

Make it your own!

Every system is different so depending on your framework or the technical stack of your product, you will need help in connecting the two systems which can be done either directly or via a web service. Server setup is also something we can provide consultancy on. Make the app your own with custom brand guidelines.

Made by Dominic the CX guy

The app has been developed by I am your go to guy for anything CX around Zendesk. I don’t work alone, I have an amazing team I work with and I’d be happy to scope out whatever you might be looking for. Book a call with me

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