A simple notification system allowing agents to request lifesaving advice

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The Lifesaver app provides a simple and intuitive interface for agents to request help from other agents.

  • Request help on a ticket from one or more agents

  • Notify agents when their assistance is requested

  • Track ongoing, withdrawn and resolved help requests on each ticket

Send a request

To request help from another agent in your Zendesk account, click on the app’s Ask for help button when viewing an existing ticket. Select the agents that you would like to notify and enter a message describing the type of assistance that you need.

View requests

Whenever an agent requests assistance from you, a notification will appear in your notification list. These are displayed within the Top Bar in Zendesk Support. Click on a notification to be redirected to the associated ticket.

Action a request

Once you’ve viewed the ticket and the agent’s help request message (which is displayed in the ticket sidebar), you can decide whether or not you’re able to help. Let the agent know either in person or by updating the ticket (perhaps with an Internal Note). If you don’t want to be notified about this request anymore, you can remove yourself from the request by clicking on the Remove button next to your name.

As the agent that submitted the help request, you can withdraw or resolve the ticket at any time by clicking on the corresponding buttons in the app. If all notified agents are removed from a help request, it can be withdrawn by anyone. Whenever a help request is withdrawn or resolved, an Internal Note is added to the ticket recording the date, time and person that closed the request and all agent notifications are removed.

If you have questions or thoughts about how to improve this app, please contact us as we value your feedback.

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