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Plantt helps customer support teams to automate more than 50% of customer inquiries.

Unlike chatbots - that require lengthy setup or complex engineering - Plantt learns from your customer interactions, turns them to actionable insights, and drives a personalized experience that increases customer satisfaction.

End-to-end experience Customers can get answers in seconds, update account information, check on delivery status, make purchases, all in a friendly conversational experience.

24/7 Support, on any platform. Your customers want your business to be available 24/7, on any platform. Plantt integrates with tools you already use, like Zendesk, to support that seamless experience.

Tailor-made Conversational Experience Our automation is simply better because we learn from real-life conversations. Plantt uses insights taken from your data to tailor the automation around it. It's just a smarter way to automate.

Try for free Try Plantt for free, to see how it can help you improve customer communication.

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