Use the power of machine learning to automatically classify your tickets.

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PrediCX for Zendesk

Machine learning ticket tagging for Zendesk users. Automate and prioritise workflow with tags by topic, sentiment, intent & urgency.


Best For

Deeper and more accurate understanding of consumer sentiment and concepts. Prioritisation of critical support issues. Automatic routing and escalations. Reporting with accurate and granular insight.

Product Details

PrediCX uses Artificial Intelligence and Sentiment Analysis to look at the full conversation and interpret what customers are really saying. Early warning of issues, complaint fast tracking and prioritisation of urgent enquiries enhances customer experience:

  • 20% improvement in CSat
  • FCR improved by 50%
  • 35% reduction in AHT
  • Customer churn reduced by 18%

Key Benefits

  • Sentiment Analysis that looks at the whole conversation across channel

  • Automatic routing and prioritisation of tickets

  • Accurate and granular reporting with improved BI

Free 30 day product trial with £1,500 credit balance

Key Features

Automated Classification with Minimal Human Input

Classify multiple sentiments within single pieces of feedback and reduce time spent manually classifying codes. Humans are only asked to certify if the AI can’t reach 100% accuracy.

No Missed Data. Analyse the Whole Interaction

PrediCX AI uses concepts to classify incoming feedback so multiple sentiments or intents can be picked up accurately and no customer feedback is overlooked.

Improve CX & Operations

Understand the customer. Get early warnings of issues, fast track complaints and urgent enquiries, signpost customers to the best available resource or channel.

How it works

AI analytics for Customer Data - The AI platform automatically analyses and reports customer sentiment, intent, satisfaction, journey and classification.

Analyse all data from all channels - Chat, Social, Voice, Complaints, Email. Whatever the channel, PrediCX interprets the customer and creates a true omni-channel experience.

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