KantanStream for Zendesk Support

Increase operational efficiencies, with multilingual support ticket translation

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KantanStream for Zendesk Support

The simplest way to provide multilingual support ticket translation for your business.

The AI solution that works with your agents.

Today’s consumers engage through digital channels, looking for that personalised CX, looking to build brand loyalty. Generation Z and Millennials who are always looking for that personal customer experience and are willing to pay more for that experience. But if we are not speaking their native language how do we provide that.

Translate and engage with your customers with the authenticity of a native speaker

KantanStream removes the language barrier, providing multilingual translations and transforms your best agents into super agents, allowing your talented agents answer tickets from anywhere in the world, no matter what the language with the authenticity of a native speaker. With KantanStream your agents with domain knowledge expertise can now offer that expertise in a multilingual support environment to your customer with simple, seamless translation

Key Benefits

Neural Machine Translation engines working alongside a community of post-editors to provide multilingual translations with the authenticity of a native speaker

Improve operational efficiencies and increase CSAT by engaging with customers in their native language.

Continuous improvement – post edited improvements are used to fine-tune future machine translated texts, allowing the NMT process to continuously learn and improve future translations.

Hire for skills not just for language. Build a team of agents with domain knowledge expertise and create a successful, fluid, and more productive team.

Key features

KantanStream’s API plugs into you Zendesk workflow, supporting your current process and adding multilingual functionality.

Always on translation service working with your agents 24/7

Skynet is fully GDPR compliant, automatically detecting and redacting sensitive data to protect your customers’ privacy.

Customer support is the future of brand loyalty, Contact Centres are the Customer Experience Hubs of the future, KantanStream is the future of multilingual support for your business.

KantanStream for Zendesk Support requires an account and subscription. Contact us now to learn how KantanStream can enhance your customer support. Go to our website or email <info@kantanmt.com.

How to use KantanStream

  1. Translating your response to a client's language:
    i). Open the ticket you want to respond to and select the response to be an Internal Note ii). In order to send your response to KantanStream, type #Skynet and on a new line, type your resonse. iii). Once you are done, hit the Submit button as you normally would submit a ticket response. The response has now been sent to KantanStream for translation.

  2. Translating client messages to your language: i). Click the Translate Client Messages button in KantanStream app on the ticket side-bar. The client messages will been sent to the KantanStream platform for translation and the ticket conversation will be updated once it is done.

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