Workforce management for forecasting, scheduling, and real-time analytics


Assembled provides a one-stop shop for a modern support team's workforce management needs. We've helped companies like Stripe, GoFundMe, and Harry's maintain timely, empathetic support as they scaled up, expanded hours, and added channels and specializations. Our platform specifically solves scheduling, forecasting, and productivity metrics, allowing teams to balance efficiency with team happiness.

The Assembled App for Zendesk helps your team stay coordinated by making individual and team schedules directly visible within the ticket sidebar and top bar. In addition, agents can receive real-time updates on changes to their schedule as well as reminders of upcoming events.

Note that the App is not required to use Assembled's integration with Zendesk for volume, forecasting, and productivity metrics.

Why Assembled?

  • Build the right schedule in minutes. Keep your team organized with our simple but powerful scheduling experience, honed by the workflows of hundreds of support teams across industries like banking, ecommerce, travel, and technology.

  • Accurate forecasts to get coverage right. We generate forecasts and staffing requirements out of the box while also providing tools to account for holidays and one-off events.

  • Take action using real-time data. Our real-time reporting tracks how actual team performance and activity compares to your original plan.

  • Measure team and individual performance. We report on metrics that can be used for individual coaching or team-wide planning, including productivity, hours worked, and schedule adherence.

  • An easy tool for your team to adopt. Our integrations with Google Calendar, Slack, and Zendesk mean that agents can seamlessly view schedules from the everyday tools they already use, minimizing change management and making everyone's life easier.

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