Vtex by Aktie Now

Complete integration for VTEX Plattform - Manage your orders inside your Zendesk

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The app is used for managing the client's VTEX orders, through its api. Once the client provides his credentials to access the api (during instalation), the app allows the Zendesk agents to search through all client's VTEX orders and visualize all its related infos. It also allows the option to cancel the orders.

Besides that, the app also provides integration with Zendesk tickets. The client must create a custom ticket field for storing the VTEX's order id. This custom field links the tickets to the orders and once the agent visualizes the order's infos in the app he can also see its related tickets. The agent also has the option of creating a new related ticket for a given order and lets the app auto fill the requester's info and the order_id for the new ticket that will be created.

Futhermore, there is also an side bar app that automatically loads the orders from the ticket's requester.

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