Send invites, view and reply to company, product & 3rd party reviews in Zendesk.

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We believe word-of-mouth is great for business. So we built a product that helps businesses like yours monitor and grow their online reputation through the power of review collection and management.

Review collection needn't be costly or difficult to manage, which is why created the most feature-rich and cost effective Google-licensed review platform on the market.

We make it simple for your customers to review your business all across the web, while in turn giving you all the benefits of review collection including Google Stars and Seller Ratings, improved customer trust, more website traffic and more sales.

Reply to your company & product reviews through Zendesk, you can reply publicly with emails, private only or forward a message and the original review to others. >Sign up for a free trial

## Features

  • Receive and monitor tickets for company, product & 3rd party reviews in Zendesk.

  • Reply to company & product reviews reviews publicly, privately or forward them to team members without leaving Zendesk.

  • Send quick review invitations to clients using customised invitation templates.

  • Utilise Zendesk notification settings in your account to control which tickets are created in Zendesk. For example: Negative Reviews only, Product Reviews & 3rd Party reviews only etc.

Find out more information about setting up Zendesk at Zendesk Support

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