Single admin console for IT to manage Zendesk, Slack, G Suite, Dropbox and more

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BetterCloud is the first-ever multi-SaaS management platform, unifying the sprawl of SaaS data and administrative controls, surfacing critical incidents, and providing the management tools to efficiently automate, operate and secure a multi-SaaS environment.

With BetterCloud for Zendesk you can:

Streamline IT Help Desk Support for SaaS Apps

  • View all Zendesk users and groups in a consolidated, org-wide dashboard

  • Quickly resolve IT helpdesk tickets associated with SaaS apps by taking action on users, groups and data individually and in bulk

  • Automate over 200+ admin actions across apps, including: G Suite - manage users, groups, Drive files, organizational units, calendars, sites; Slack - manage channels, send DMs, manage files, users, groups; Zendesk - create a ticket, sign out a user, suspend/unsuspend user, change user profile information, and more

Secure Your SaaS Environment

  • Configure advanced alerts and insights with options to set priority, send a ticket, and build resolution workflows. Alert resolution workflows include: deleting users when the suspended user count exceeds a threshold, sending a ticket to IT when a new administrator is added, or send a Slack message when an additional organization is added to your Zendesk domain.

  • Create automation workflows that are triggered by alerts (for policy enforcement) or orchestrate routine IT processes (such as onboarding/offboarding a user across applications)

"Root Access" Control of your SaaS Apps

  • Build and manage least privilege roles with functionality to delegate administration and configure permissions across users, groups, and tickets across individual applications

  • Audit change management via all admin actions into a single audit log across applications

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