Drag and drop your way to high-converting landing pages and grow your revenue.

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Zendesk and Landingi are a perfect match. With a landing page, you can collect contacts and easily manage them in Zendesk. Landingi is an easy-to-use landing page, and pop-up builder with over 400+ fully customizable landing page templates ready to use.

Its main advantage is that it allows to quickly create, publish, and optimize marketing creations without programming skills. At the same time, the multitude of functions allows for advanced promotional campaigns. Increase the conversion rate on your landing pages and build them easier and faster than ever before with Landingi. Generate leads, signups, and sales to improve the effectiveness of your digital marketing campaigns and grow your business.

Perks of the integration:

  • Quickly connect Landingi with Zendesk Sell to get more flexibility and control over your landing pages;

  • Make use of over 400 fully customizable landing page templates or start from scratch;

  • Create pages the way you want with a fast and friendly drag-and-drop editor;

  • Customize fonts, colors, and images to ensure you’re always on-brand;

  • Map your landing page forms directly to Zendesk Sell properties;

  • Track and measure the success of your campaigns in Zendesk Sell;

  • Get set up fast and enjoy greater flexibility and creativity with Landingi’s super simple landing page builder;

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