Twilio SMS, WhatsApp for Sell

Simplify communication with the help of Twilio SMS & WhatsApp channels

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Twilio SMS, WhatsApp by Ulgebra

Sync your Twilio communication channels into Zendesk Sell and interact with all your contacts as and when needed through the extension. Also, explore the abundant features available to simplify your interactions.

#### Extension Features

Send Twilio messages: Select any Zendesk Contact, Lead or Deal. Click on 'Send Twilio Message' below Twilio SMS, WhatsApp for Sell on the panel on the right side. Select your Twilio Sender and the phone field of the contact. You can also enter a default country code and select the application of the same. Enter the message to be sent or select a template. You can insert User Fields, Contact/Lead/Deal Fields and emojis as well. Send the message.

Bulk Messages: Click on the Twilio icon on the top panel of Zendesk Sell. Click on 'Send Twilio Message'. Select your Twilio Sender. Click on 'Add Recipients'. Select the country code, enter the contact number and click on Add. Similarly, multiple numbers can be added to send bulk message. Enter the message or insert a template. Send the message.

Desktop Notifications: Click on your profile within the extension interface. Select 'Message Notifications'. Enter the email id of the user for whom you wish to enable desktop notifications for your incoming Twilio messages and click on 'Add User'. The user must have an Ulgebra account under the same email id. Share the link received with the user. The user must acces the link on their browser and sign in to Ulgebra using the entered email id. Click on 'Start Receiving notifications on this browser'. This way you can enable multiple users to receive desktop notifications for your incoming Twilio messages.

Incoming Messages: Within your profile in the extension interface, click on 'Incoming Messages'. Select the module to which new contacts are to be created for incoming messages. Click on 'Add Numbers Now' to add the Twilio number to receive incoming messages from. n

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