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Enable seamless query handover from chatbots to live agent

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We Enhance Customer Support through Conversational AI-powered Intelligent Virtual Assistants

Our self-learning technologies invariably analyse the interactions to update and provide the best resolutions.

Yellow Messenger's platform allows smooth transfer of complex queries from the virtual assistant to a live agent to get queries resolved accurately and efficiently.

How does the Zendesk integration work?

Intelligent virtual assistants are instrumental in providing quick responses and around the clock support for customers. Two key factors of exceptional customer experience. While in most cases IVAs are able to carry out customer service requests on their own, every now and then, highly complex queries can create the need for human intervention. This can occur in cases where the IVA is unable to detect the user intent or when the users themselves ask to be routed to a human agent or when certain pre-determined triggers are activated.

The live agent transfer allows the IVA to escalate the request and seamlessly transfers the conversation to a live agent via the Zendesk integration along with the chat history so that support agent has all the information readily available. As a result, customers do not have to repeat themselves and there is no gap in the conversation.

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