EaziPopper Cisco Finesse

Integrates Cisco Finesse into Zendesk top bar.

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Available only to agents with “Talk - Partner Edition” seats (see zendesk.com/talk/pricing ).

EaziPopper Cisco Finesse adds a Contact Center Agent Toolbar, right into your Zendesk. It saves time on every call by auto-creating and auto-filling the ticket. It includes advanced options such as IVR and Call Recording integration.

Top level features

  • One beautifully simple screen to manage your Zendesk, and Cisco Contact Center, activities
  • Display the caller's open tickets, or profile, to the agent
  • Display IVR data to agent - e.g. reason for call, or account number
  • One-click to make calls from phone numbers in Zendesk
  • Contact-center controls (answer, release, end-wrap, ready, not-ready (with reason), pause recording, login, logout)
  • Add call recording link to ticket

CT EaziPopper is the result of a collaboration between Zendesk, Cisco and CT Solutions. This is an 'out-of-the-box' offering that integrates Zendesk with Cisco Contact Center via Cisco Finesse and Cisco WFO-QM (Calabrio). This means that there is no special integration work, or customization that needs to be done, for it to work at your site.


  • One environment to manage your Zendesk and Cisco Contact Center interactions
  • Browser only App - no desktop install
  • Save agent time on every call
  • Boost customer service with improved handling speed
  • Energize agents through reduction of tedious tasks
  • Enhanced reporting of ticket sources
  • Instant access to call recordings

Core Features

  • An App in Zendesk to control the vast majority of your interaction with Cisco contact Center
  • Auto-logon to Cisco Contact Center within Zendesk
  • Supports logon as Mobile Agent
  • Set your state (ready, end-wrap, not-ready with reason etc.) within Zendesk
  • Not Ready reasons auto-loaded from Cisco
  • Answer and release calls in Zendesk
  • Auto-create Zendesk user for callers that are unknown
  • Auto-create new Zendesk ticket, if none open for caller
  • Auto-display list of open tickets for caller
  • Auto-display the open ticket for caller, if only one open
  • Flexible options and dial plan
  • Specially designed to cope with all phone number formats
  • Report on tickets initiated by phone calls

Advanced Features

  • IVR choices can auto-select the ticket form
  • Auto-tag IVR data to the Zendesk ticket
  • Find caller based on IVR data, e.g. customer ID or ticket ref.
  • Call recording info such as duration and agent added to the ticket for each call
  • Call Recording link added to the ticket for each call
  • Controls to Pause and Resume current call recording
  • Tag Zendesk data to a call recording for easy search

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