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Apps and solutions that integrate advanced telephony into Zendesk for any phone system including Avaya, Cisco and LiveOps. Customers include Just Eat

CT Solutions, in partnership with Zendesk, was the developer of the first Cisco App for Zendesk. That was back in 2010. Since then we have provided many custom Zendesk apps for customers throughout the world. Our customers include Just Eat, Southern Phone (Australia) and Dallas Community College.

Our Zendesk Apps typically improve the efficiency of Zendesk agents, as well as providing data for reporting.

Features of the apps include * Screen pop & Click to dial * Not Ready with reasons * auto-creation of tickets according to specific use cases. * Playback call recordings right in Zendesk * IVR integration for customer search and Form pre-fill * Personal dashboards for agents with telephony statistics * Call control: answer, hold, transfer, conference * Any phone system including Avaya, Cisco and Live Ops

We apply full and rigouous project management to your app development needs. this includes: initial demo, mockup, detailed requirements workshop, detailed test plan, development, complete test, user guide, user & IT training materials and full support throughout the implementation and Go Live. All these services can be delivered remotely or on site. You can use as much or as little of these services to compliment your own capabilities.

And after going live, our support team is ready, all day every day, to answer your support needs.

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