Foxo 128

Foxo 128 is a sleek and modern Zendesk theme designed for various business sectors. It emphasizes Creative Design Services, Digital Strategy Solutions, and Technical Expertise, making it ideal for organizations seeking to provide top-tier support. The theme features a minimalist design and customizable pages, ensuring a visually stunning, strategically sound, and technically robust experience across all devices.
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Foxo 128 is a remarkable Zendesk theme with a sleek, eye-catching design and an array of practical features. It provides customizable blocks and actionable prompts, allowing you to tailor the theme to your brand effortlessly without any coding skills. This enables you to quickly and easily set up a help center that will impress your customers.

Main Theme Features

Foxo 128 Theme offers 2 editions

Standard Edition: Priced at USD 299, this one-time purchase grants free future updates. It excludes source code access but allows comprehensive admin UI customization.

Developer Edition: At USD 489, this edition includes everything in Standard, plus full source code access through the 'Edit Code' feature in the customization area.

It is recommended to purchase the Developer Edition for full code access, enabling customization through modifications to CSS/HTML/JavaScript as required. On the other hand, the Standard Edition offers essential settings and is sufficient if you simply wish to begin without extensive customization needs.


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