CDC Software is a SaaS integration solution that empowers companies to quickly and cost-efficiently integrate their telephony, CRM, and other mission-critical contact center systems to provide contact center agents with complete customer data – including name, location and history – before they even say hello. Highly configurable and supporting all major telephony providers, the platform creates real-time, events-based links – and can be implemented in a cloud, premise, or hybrid environment. Clients of all sizes use CDC Software every day to provide a more productive and more satisfying customer experience.

CDC Software provides best-in-class SaaS solutions that create real-time, events-based links between leading telephony systems, CRM systems and other mission-critical contact center data sources – with a lower total cost of ownership than a custom integration project. Our solutions are used every day by customer service agents at brands like Chico’s, Conduit Global, PVH (owner of the Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein, IZOD and other brands), DHL, Ready Flowers, eMerchantPay and more.

With CDC, customer service agents are delivered highly actionable caller data – name, location, service history and more – before they can even say “hello.” When the call is over, details (and even a recording, if desired) are automatically logged in the system of record. The results? Happier customers, increased brand loyalty, smoother service calls, reduced manual data entry, increased profitability – and real success.

Better yet, CDC’s unique system integration methodology makes it possible to achieve all this in weeks, rather than the months required by custom coded integration projects. We combine a robust core engine with prebuilt connectors for CRMs like Zendesk and Freshdesk and telephony systems from Cisco, Avaya, Digium-Asterisk and SwitchVox, Mitel and more. As a result, CDC integrations are highly stable, scalable and flexible; if you ever change a system, CDC can simply and quickly be reconfigured to work with it.


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