Beautifully simple scheduling, a forecast you can trust, and real-time reports to deliver better customer service.

Tymeshift is a full-stack WFM solution that gives you real time agent activity, better insights, easier scheduling and optimized staffing. We are made exclusively for Zendesk and proud to be a Zendesk premier partner.

Tymeshift is the workforce management solution that answers all of these questions:

  • Are you adequately staffed to provide the perfect Customer Experience?
  • Is there a better way to schedule all the shifts for your support staff?
  • Is there a way to know which agents are delivering perfect, punctual service and which of them are struggling?

Automate time-consuming chores like staff scheduling on spreadsheets or calculating forecasts manually. Collect better insights about your agent activity. And customize your own dashboards so you can get real-time 360º data on the performance metrics & KPIs you care about.

And be sure that you always have the right people on the right channels, at the right time. That’s not just WFM: that’s Tymeshift.

It’s made by people who care about customer support for the people who support your customers. And it’s made exclusively for support teams on Zendesk.

What We Do

Real-Time analytics, reporting, forecasting and scheduling: everything you need in a full-stack WFM solution.

  • REAL TIME MANAGEMENT: Tymeshift provides you with a detailed, 360 degree view of what’s going on with your Agent Activity in real-time so you can make better-informed decisions on the go.
  • COMPLETE STAFFING FORECASTS: Tymeshift takes the volume data that’s already in Zendesk and transforms it into a forecast of future contact volumes and staffing needs. You’ll never be under- or over-staffed again.
  • AUTOMATIC SCHEDULES: Tymeshift creates complete schedules for your support teams based on your staffing forecast. Planning agents’ breaks, lunches, and recurring tasks has never been this easy!
  • INSTANT SHIFT SWAPPING: If your agents need to swap shifts, they can arrange it quickly and easily.
  • SEAMLESS ZENDESK INTEGRATION: Being built exclusively for Zendesk means the integration is easy and effortless. Your agents can do everything they have to do without toggling tabs or switching software.
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