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As a trusted Premier Zendesk implementation partner and marketplace apps developer, Lovestock & Leaf will help you maximise your investment in Zendesk and ensure that it is implemented and fine tuned to your intricate business needs. Our team are leaders in leveraging the Zendesk platform to help SME and Enterprise businesses deliver the ultimate customer experience.

Zendesk Implementation Services

As the foundation solutions partner for Zendesk in the APAC region, Lovestock & Leaf has over 13 years experience in delivering successful Zendesk implementations, with over 100 projects completed.

We specialise in configuration and integration services using the Zendesk API platform to extend the system’s capabilities and hook into other cloud services and core systems.

We know Zendesk inside and out so you don’t have to. Check out our article “7 signs you need expert implementation help” for some of the key reasons why using an expert implementation partner makes sense. But don’t take our word for it, check out this Zendesk case study for customer Forever New.

Zendesk Apps

Lovestock & Leaf has developed some of the most popular apps available in the Zendesk marketplace. A recognised leader in extending the Zendesk platform, our apps are designed to enhance the Zendesk agent experience and deliver significant cost and process efficiencies for customer service operations.

You’ll be joining many high profile Zendesk customers such as Adobe, Slack, Xero, KickStarter, The Motley Fool, Cambridge University, Agoda Hotels, Under Armour, Coursera, Telstra, Fairfax Media and Couchsurfing who use and love our apps.

“Lovestock & Leaf find areas that need improvement and tackle them head on. In reading and understanding getting things done properly, a checklist is critical. This brings checklist into zendesk seamlessly. How long have we used this? We've used this for years and support has always been by my side in training and resolving issues (I'm typically the cause of the issue btw) . Thank you guys!” Adam Meuli, Entech LLC.

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Data Migration
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App Developer
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