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Ako allows organisations to integrate and launch digital assistants at 5x normal speed. Ako's Conversational AI integrations platform InConvo leverages IBM Watson, Microsoft Cognitive Services, and comes pre-integrated with Zendesk. Ako brings the power of Digital Humans and NLP together with a pre-trained corpus of over 500 understandings and responses. It features a comprehensive content management system with a powerful stateless conversational node structure and stratified NLP for managing complex conversations. InConvo allows organisations to leverage bot conversational data with powerful analytical tools, providing actionable insights. Along with its standardised web interface, pre-built integrations to Zendesk Chat, Sunshine Conversations Ako's InConvo platform features existing integrations to many other commonly used business systems.

InConvo enables accelerated creation of intelligent and dynamic digital assistants


Conversational AI is helping organisations sell more, improve customer service and empower staff.

In the next 10 years, only 15% of interactions with a company will be with a human.

AI powered digital assistants are able to answer questions, provide solutions, and capture leads directly from where the customer is.

By removing the customer objections promptly, digital assistants improve lead quality by 10%, causing sales productivity increase up to 40%

AI powered digital assistants can automate up to 80% of routine everyday interactions. experience.


Sunshine Conversations provides a comprehensive framework for building enterprise grade integrated comms applications

Ako levereages technologies like Microsoft Cognitive Services, IBM Watson, and bring intelligent and dynamic Digital Assistants to various channels using Sunshine Conversations. Ako's InConvo platform allows for endless customisation and opportunities to grow and train further.


InConvo allows an organisation to integrate and launch a digital assistant at 5x normal speed

We provide multi-channel deployment potential with existing integration models and an ever-growing list of core functionality modules. A provisioned bot on our platform comes with a pre-trained corpus of over 500 understandings and responses, and use cases already developed for retail, employee assistance, utilities and many other industries.

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