Enterprise Ready Voice Assistants

PolyAI provides the world’s only voice-first AI for customer service, capable of human-level conversation no matter how your customers speak. Say goodbye to robotic and confusing IVRs; choose conversational call routing with PolyAI.

PolyAI offers seamless integration with Zendesk Talk, empowering customers with fast and accurate information and supercharging your call centre staff by removing monotonous tasks.

Voice AI is notoriously hard, but PolyAI’s system handles extremely complex conversation flows at scale.

PolyAI authenticates customers before they reach your staff so they know they are speaking to the right person, enabling greater levels of personalisation and reducing handling time. It handles common transactions like creating tickets, booking appointments or updating account details to help you offer new forms of self-service and convenience to your customers. And at any point in the conversation, customers can ask questions, digress or change their minds before being nudged back to the task at hand.

Your customers will never wait for the information they need again, or be routed to the wrong department.

To lower your handling time and upgrade your call centre, contact us for a personalized demo.

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