Direc Business Technologies Inc

Quezon City, Philippines | 2 프로젝트 | 1 자격증
Direc Business Technologies, Inc. is the top-of-mind provider of intelligent business management solutions ranging from Enterprise Resource Planning, Customer Relationship Management, IT and Security, HRIS, and Complementary Solutions.

Apart from our cutting-edge intelligent business management expertise, we also pride ourselves on proven implementation methodology, high-quality services, and excellent customer support.

Our mission is to create and add value through cost-effective, quality products, and services that exceed our client's needs and expectations. Here at DBTI, we aim to be the leading partner of intelligent business solutions through meaningful innovation and great customer experience. We are always up to date with business trends and new technologies, which enable us to deliver relevant solutions to enterprises today!

Our successful projects don’t happen by accident! One of the main secrets to successful projects is knowing the rules of the game. Do you want to know how Direc’s winning formula can benefit you?

  • Solutions Focused
  • Value-based Pricing
  • Strategic Technology Roadmap
  • Customer Commitment and Support
  • Technical Excellence

For this reason, Direc Business Technologies, Inc. is continuously able to differ from other companies of the same industry as they know how to value their customers, respond in a fast manner, and resolve their clients’ concerns.

With the company's vision to dominate and grow within the Philippine IT market, we recently partnered with Zendesk. Direc Business Technologies, Inc. is proudly growing with a hundred percent certified consultants and exceptional customer support.

With that, Direc Business Technologies, Inc. is not only a company full of trained and successful working people but of individuals who have the heart in serving and supporting the needs of their progressing clientele.


Badge: Advanced Implementation Partner
제공 서비스
Development Services
System Integrator
CX Consultant
Eastern Asia
파트너 유형
App Developer
Implementation Partner
Solution Provider
Referral Partner
Business Service Provider

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