Cyberhive Security, Inc.

Greensboro, United States | 10 자격증
CyberHive Security is a security consultancy, a solutions provider of cyber security hardware, software and services.

CyberHive Security is “Taking Security by Swarm” by enlisting the collaborative expertise of cybersecurity professionals, consultants, clients and vendors across the country. Businesses and organizations are under constant attack from various threats. Protecting sensitive and/or confidential data from hackers is critical for every organization. Our “colony” of specialists eliminate the burden of needing extensive IT knowledge and reduces the time-consuming tasks and costs associated with researching, comparing and selecting solutions, training, and finding the latest next generation technology available to mitigate advanced threats.

CyberHive Security seeks to drive savings in money, time, resources, and frustration in working with numerous vendors while on the journey to establish a hardened enterprise security program. CyberHive Security is a Christian, Woman-Owned Business that wishes to immerse deeply into the cybersecurity community by not only adding value to each planning and purchase for organizations, but by also providing free or low-cost educational sessions, conferences, networking opportunities and security events nationwide.

CyberHive Security is passionate about helping and empowering women to succeed in the cybersecurity field through career opportunities, educational sessions, networking and mentorship. CyberHive Security relies heavily on the cybersecurity community, men, women, clients and vendors alike, to create an atmosphere of advancement for women to enter and impact the world of cybersecurity for the benefit of all.

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