We are a company specialized in optimizing experiences and business results combining technology, data, business intelligence and customer experience.

Sum's main goal is to get its customers to sell more and in an optimized way. We transform experiences and design new ways of interacting with the future customer with a constant commitment to the optimization of business processes and the construction of top-level customer experiences that are sustainable in the medium and long term.

Our portfolio areas are:

  • B2B Digital Sales: we work the whole commercial funnel, from generation to successful sale.
  • Account Based Marketing (ABM): thanks to our certified people, we approach our customers to the ABM strategy and we are a training entity. The Account Based Marketing (ABM) and B2B Demand Generation Association was founded by Sum in 2020.
  • Digital Marketing: we offer digital strategy services, branded content, digital assets, channel management, search engine optimization, web traffic capture, Omnichannel Lead Marketing integration, CRM management, digital Facebook and digital analytics.
  • Customer Experience Solutions: we control multiple interaction opportunities for interaction where technology, product/services and human intervention are needed and relevant to create a sustainable and valuable relationship.
  • Training: we are the certified Account Based Marketing training entity in Spain and we collaborate with renowned business schools.


Badge: Advanced Solution Partner
제공 서비스
Western Europe
파트너 유형
Business Service Provider

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