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MFEC is a premier Zendesk consulting and professional implementation partner in Thailand. We love helping businesses to get the most values from Zendesk. We're a team of Zendesk experts with a passion for building user-first customer experiences that scale. Our experience implementing and optimizing Zendesk for medium and enterprise businesses. We are a one stop shop for Zendesk (licenses, guidance, training, development, design and staffing).With years of experience ranging from complex, enterprise implementations to simple optimizations, our team is skilled, knowledgeable and ready to support challenges of all sizes. Currently, MFEC serves over 250 large Enterprise clients in Thailand and overseas by providing IT services in diversified industries i.e. Telecommunication, Banking & Finance, Manufacturing, Healthcare, and Public sector, and plans to expand its business to AEC members in the future. MFEC Professional Services We help organizations realize the full potential of Zendesk through a professional approach to the design, build and on-boarding of an omni-channel help-desks that can immediately create brand differentiation and competitive advantage. If you are a new customer, we can set up Zendesk and your customer support team for success. Our design team creates elegant, well-organized help centers and our certified admins can build efficient workflows. If you are an existing customer, we can help you optimize your use of Zendesk with automations, chat bots, better self-serve and deflection.

Our Zendesk services proposition is designed to help you create a help-desk transforming the way in which support is delivered to smart customers in multiple channels.

MFEC experiences
MFEC experiances with Zendesk omnichannel support offers simple, yet powerful solutions that make it easy for customers to engage with your business, where and when it’s right for them. Channels are connected so conversations are seamless, agents are more productive, and information can be shared across your company—all without losing focus.

Zendesk Licenses As a Zendesk Select Solution Provider, we’re officially resellers of the Zendesk Suite products. Get our guidance on which Zendesk products suits you best and buy the licenses from us.

MFEC Vision 2020 "To become Thailand’s best IT workplace with passion to create technologies and innovate solutions that uplift your digital life"


Badge: Advanced Solution Partner
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Development Services
India/Southern Asia
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Solution Provider
Implementation Partner

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