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With years of experience and more than 100 successful projects, iMovo Limited is a Zendesk Premier Solution Provider and a leader in Customer Experience Management. With expertise across all main industries and business functions and a team of certified consultants, iMovo has helped organisations improve their customer service operations, foster satisfied customers and build loyal relationships as well as create new efficiencies and generate value and cost savings. Founded more than 12 years ago, iMovo serves customers across a number of markets including UK, France, Italy, Spain, Greece, Cyprus, Portugal, Malta, and the Middle East.

At iMovo, we believe that the answer to business growth lies in truly understanding your customers, how they are interacting with your organisation and the value they are contributing, as well as how you are creating value for them. iMovo specialises in Customer Experience Management (CEM), using Analytics & Business Intelligence, Customer Relationship Management, Artificial Intelligence and Workforce Management to help organisations achieve insight in the customer value chain, empowering them to plan and execute profitable strategies that meet the customer needs of today and the future.

Whether you are new or an existing Zendesk customer, we can help you make the most out of your Zendesk implementation. Our team of consultants and developers are fully qualified, certified and trained to handle your implementation and migration projects as well as guide you in setting up your customer support team for success.

If you have been using Zendesk for a while and need to ensure you are using Zendesk to its full potential, contact us for an audit and we will tell you which new product features you are not using and which process improvements can be achieved to optimize your customer service. Thanks to our Zendesk tune-up program, we will review your Zendesk implementation and highlight areas of concern or further opportunity, whilst providing actionable advice on how to resolve any issues before they impact your business.


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