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Pepron is a consultant company, helping companies with full deployment of Zendesk. Our offering includes Zendesk licenses, consultation to deploy Zendesk, services to build custom-made apps to Zendesk and integrations to your other systems, and everything you need to get the best out of Zendesk and provide your best possible customer collaboration.

With our help, your customer service and customer relationship management are more efficient and more pleasant also for your employees.

Pepron is a Zendesk reseller (Premier Solution Provider) and our core competence is in applying it to your needs: your present service channels and software. However, the most important adjustments are always made in relation to your everyday processes. Otherwise even the fanciest software is useless. Our years of experience brings best practices to you. Now. Not after six months of trial and error.

Pepron provides consultation, apps, integrations and other add-ons for Zendesk users, both old and new. With Pepron’s help, you will make your agents even happier and more efficient Zendesk users by tailoring Zendesk to fit perfectly with your business needs.

With new Zendesk customers, we usually start with a deployment project whereby one gets a brisk kick-off. We insert a "setup package" of compressed know-how, educate users and develop the system together with you. After all, many important practical aspects are found only in your everyday work.

We know Zendesk and its abilities thoroughly as we were their first certified partner and reseller in the EMEA area. Wouldn't you want our years of cumulated knowledge at your disposal?


Badge: Advanced Solution PartnerBadge: Advanced Implementation Partner
제공 서비스
Development Services
Data Migration
System Integrator
CX Consultant
Western Europe
Eastern Europe
파트너 유형
Solution Provider
App Developer
Implementation Partner
Referral Partner
Business Service Provider

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