Digital Genius gives you the power to make your customer's experience worthy of another visit with fast and accurate responses. Whether it's about their order, product availability, store location, or even sizing - they'll feel like they're speaking to a human!

DigitalGenius is an AI and Automation Platform built for E-Commerce. We help brands improve customer experience and dramatically reduce costs.

  • Built specifically for eCommerce and retail
  • 60+ pre-built use cases for eCommerce
  • Out-of-the-box eCommerce and carrier integrations
  • Fully customisable to your brand
  • Analytics and reporting available in a built-in dashboard
  • Multi-lingual and cross-channel
  • AI image recognition and text recognition
  • Fully managed implementation and support with product expert

Take a look at some of our improvement numbers:

🔻 95% Reduction in customer wait time

✅ 60% Cases resolved without intervention

🌟 200% improvement in great productivity

With our platform, you can build a seamless journey for your customers - online and offline!

As we advance the technology and increase data on our always evolving platform, you can achieve proactiveness, accelerate your growth, meet surges in customer demand, scale your business and dramatically reduce backlog - resulting in a happy team.

Contact us directly or check our our website for more use cases, resources.

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