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Access plentymarkets order and customer details

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plentymarkets Connector: The bridge between Zendesk and plentymarkets

You know the challenges of customer service: Tickets related to orders, manual searches to find order details, and constantly switching between different platforms. Thanks to apoio's plentymarkets Connector, this becomes a problem of the past.


  • Direct integration with plentymarkets: No more switching between platforms! Work seamlessly without interruptions.

  • Automatic order number detection: You receive a ticket, and the associated order number is instantly recognized.

  • Easy order search: Simply search for order numbers or customer data. All relevant details are just a click away.

  • Interaction with comments: View existing comments and add new ones if necessary.

  • Simple shipment tracking: Package numbers and shipment tracking.

  • Order overview in plentymarkets: Want more details? Open the entire order or item directly in plentymarkets.

  • Overview of all order types: Whether it's orders, returns, credits, or delivery orders, you have everything in sight.

  • Change order status: No more lengthy processes. Change the status of an order directly from Zendesk.

  • All order details at a glance: Find out everything you need to know without any extra steps.

Optimize your customer service with the plentymarkets Connector. Start now with a 21-day free trial.

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