Sunshine Conversations Campaigns PRO by Centribal

Send WhatsApp notifications individually or to a group of people.

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This app will require you to have Sunshine Conversations access and usage purchased or included in your plan. If you would like to learn more about purchasing Sunshine Conversations, please speak to your Zendesk representative who will be happy to help.

What is Sunshine Conversations Campaigns Pro?

It is a very intuitive Zendesk Application for WhatsApp campaigns.

Sunshine Conversations Campaigns Pro is an application connected to Centribal Platform that will allow you:

  • To use all WhatsApp phone numbers configured in your Sunshine Conversations.
  • To select one of your approved WhatsApp templates.
  • To use all kind of templates accepted by WhatsApp: text, parameters, buttons, documents or images.
  • To send unlimited contacts using a CSV file carrying out massive or simple message transmission.
  • Access performance statistics providing output for WhatsApp notification delivery.
  • Upgrading possibility by connecting a chatbot in order to attend your users' responses.


It is necessary for Sunshine Conversations Campaigns Pro that you have:

  • A valid and active Sunshine Conversations license.
  • An approved WhatsApp number.
  • Any approved WhatsApp template.
  • An active Centribal Platform license with Sunshine Conversation plan.

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