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Maximize productivity by empowering your agents with ChatGPT and AI-enhanced language on every single ticket!

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Word WandAI harnesses the power of ChatGPT along with Word WandAI’s proprietary analysis model, to produce responses that improve the quality of customer support ticket replies and dramatically reduces the time spent responding to high-vlaue support tickets that require a human touch.

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How does it work?

Word WandAI’s analysis model examines the customer's unique circumstances and the agent’s response, it then crafts a perfect response that is personalized to the customer. Additionally, agents can incorporate factors such as customer sentiment and response tone to further refine the AI's analysis. This can help increase productivity and reduce agent response time, ultimately improving the customer experience and boosting the support team's efficiency.

What are the benefits?

  • Improve agents efficiency and productivity
  • Improve responses times
  • Remove grammar and spelling errors
  • Increase professionalism and accuracy
  • Reduce training time and cost
  • Improve the customer experience by reducing frustration
  • Increase CSAT!
  • Plus… Give your agents the power of ChatGPT in every ticket!

Key functions:

  • Instruct - (Most powerful feature with endless usercases) Analyzes the customer's message and the instructions provided by the agent in order to create a personalised response that incorporates both aspects.
  • Reword - Updates an imperfect message written by the agent and makes it a perfect message! Agent can adjust the sentiment and tone to make the reply very personalised
  • Yes - Analyzes the customer's message and crafts a personalized response while incorporating the overall outcome is a “Yes
  • No - Analyzes the customer's message and crafts a personalized response while incorporating the overall outcome is a “No”
  • More Info / Questions - Analyzes the customer's message and generates the top questions that could be asked based on the customer's message

Language support

Word WandAI supports a wide range of languages including but not limited to English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and many more. You can adjust the default language setting in the “Configure” area of the application.

Data Privacy

Data privacy and protection is very important to us. This application makes use of ChatGPT and OpenAI's APIs to generate the AI replies and the data sent is not stored/used to train the AI model. More information on this topic can view via this page

How long does setup take?

Less than 2 minutes!

Our integration with OpenAI allows us to leverage ChatGPT to produce text responses instantly. The moment you install our app it is ready to analyze your tickets and provide your agents with perfectly written reworded responses. Word WandAI is not limited to specific verticals or business types—B2B, B2C, Ecommerce through Education— it works for all!

How much does this cost?

Start with a free trial for 5 days. All paid plans are based on your team's overall usage.

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