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Unleash is an AI-driven search tool that integrates your organization’s knowledge base, delivers relevant answers, and empowers your support, sales, and success teams to respond to queries confidently and swiftly.

With Unleash’s AI-powered integration, your agents can access the necessary information and receive real-time coaching within the Zendesk Suite, leading to improved first call resolution rates and reduced handling times. As you continue to use Unleash, its AI technology gets smarter.

Integrate Zendesk Guide into Unleash’s search tool to create a singular source of truth across all knowledge sources, documents, and teams. Search and receive suggestions in real-time generated from the knowledge stored across all your enterprise applications and with its built-in Q&A feature, Unleash recommends articles based on the context of the ticket.

Your agents will love the speed at which they can learn, respond and become well-equipped to handle every ticket with reliable, accessible, and consistent information. With Unleash, the knowledge you require to perform at your best comes to you precisely when and where you need it.

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