Merge Duplicate Tickets

Merge tickets automatically using your own criteria.

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Automatically detect and merge duplicate Zendesk tickets

  • Merge tickets from the same requester or use your own custom rules.

  • Configure the duplicate criteria to match your own setup

  • Define filters to exclude certain tickets from merging

  • Option to merge your entire backlog as an addon service

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The problem with manual merging

  • Time-consuming: manual merging of tickets take precious time that agents could spend helping customers

  • Prone to Errors: agents can make mistakes, such as merging the wrong tickets or missing duplicates

  • Customer Frustration: delayed responses can lead to confusion and frustration for customers

How does it work?

  • The app uses a Zendesk trigger & webhook pair to get notified of new tickets.

  • Checks if a new ticket is a duplicate according to your configured criteria.

  • Automatically merges the ticket so your agents don't have to.

  • You can also merge and reduce your entire backlog of tickets as a once-off service.

Need a custom setup? We can implement any auto-merging logic that fits your use case (i.e. merge tickets from different email addresses that mention the same phrase)

Benefits to your customers and your team

  • Runs in the background and does all the repetitive heavy lifting on your team's behalf

  • Reduces the risk of human error in the merging process

  • Saves agent time while improving Customer Experience

Free 14-day trial, then starting from €50/month

Check our guide on How to merge tickets in Zendesk: manual vs. automated

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