Import, link, and update data in Zendesk with CSV files

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Data Import Made Simple

Loader has an easy-to-use user interface that allows you to preview, select, link, and import data into Zendesk without any coding or special knowledge. Importing data into Zendesk does not have to be difficult. And it should not take too long or require the use of expensive consultants.

Loader can import or update the following data objects:

  • Customers

  • Organizations

  • Tickets

Each object has unique data fields (for example for a ticket – Requester, Assignee, Type, Priority, etc.). The full list of fields supported for import is available through the Loader UI.

Here are some (not all) practical uses of Loader:

  • Assign new Shared Agents for all or selected Customers in your database

  • Edit and renew information on Organizations

  • Update ticket statuses and assign them to relevant agents in bulk

  • Migrate your tickets history from the old help desk app if you have them in a CSV file

Your import to Zendesk is only a few simple steps away.

Upload CSV and preview data

Please keep in mind that no templates are required for a CSV file. Upload your file into Loader as is and preview how your data will appear. You can uncheck data columns that you want to exclude from the import or update. If you need more details on how to work with CSV files, please see our comprehensive CSV Guide.

Choose Zendesk as your destination app

Here you can connect your live account right away or do it later at any step if you wish to test Loader first.

Select the data object and proceed to Mapping

Once you've completed Mapping (showing Loader where you want your data in Zendesk), you can proceed to the final step and start your import. Now you need to connect your live Zendesk account.

Smaller imports usually take less than a minute, but larger imports of more than 10,000 tickets may take longer. The status bar in your import card will estimate how much time is left. After the import is finished, you will receive a notification with the results.

Undo is available for all imports and updates if you want to clean imported records from your Zendesk. We recommend that you first test your imports setup with your free account.

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